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About Us

We are a small Ejuice company based out of the small town of Boaz Al. We strive to produce a quality product at affordable prices and provide the best customer service in the industry. We have been in business since 2012 back in the Wild West days of vaping. We have come a long ways since them days.
 We wholeheartedly believe in advocacy efforts and proud members of the BEAA (Breathe Easy Alliance of Alabama) and other advocacy groups. We strive to stay in the forefront of advocacy efforts and to help teach others the importance of advocacy. We believe that there should be regulations in place for the industry but also feel that the FDA is taking it to the extreme and killing a life saving industry that many of us love.
One of the greatest things to hear from a customer is your flavor got me to quit smoking. Thats the greatest compliment we could ever get. That’s why we are here to help others take a alternative path away from traditional tobacco. We are also proud to serve on our state advocacy board (BEAA). And want to truly encourage you to step up and help the fight that is standing in front of us.
We are registered with the FDA and plan to continue to do as they require for as long as we can. Everything is made in a clean room environment with a GPM (General Manufacturing Practices). When and if the FDA ever gives us guidelines on what we are we required to do we will definitely make changes to be up to date on that as well.
In a nut shell we are just a small company trying to provide a quality product with the best customer service for our customers, while doing what we can to fight for our rights as vapors to help transition people from traditional tobacco. So weather your one of wholesale customers or retail customers we appreciate your business more than you can imagine. It allow us to be able to keep moving forward in this ever changing industry

Gordon Tinsley
Owner or Earths Bounty Ejuice


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